Maximillians Fine Art, Inc. is a New York-based company specializing in the sale of authentic works of art by the master artist, Salvador Dali.

Maximillians Fine Art, Inc. is located 111 South Street, #251 Oyster Bay, New York, 11771-0209. Thomas J. Gherardi the president of this unique company, has spent the last fourteen years researching the fantastic life and surreal artwork created by Salvador Dali. During this period of time, to better understand the places where Dali created his masterpieces, Mr. Gherardi made a number of trips to Spain where he visited the Teatro Museo Dali in Figueres, Dali’s house in Port Lligat and Gala’s Castle in Pubol.

In addition to his trips to Spain, Mr. Gherardi has made countless trips to the Dali Museum in St. Petersburg Florida where he had the opportunity to view and research the many different mediums Dali utilized while creating his diverse array of artwork. These artistic journeys along with the hundreds of books and catalogs in our archives have helped provide us with an information base that we now utilize when purchasing and selling the original paintings, drawings, and graphic works listed on our website.

Because we have chosen to specialize in the sale of just one artist’s output, we have also come to understand many of the symbols and meanings behind the images we have all come to know and enjoy. Our never-ending journey into the world of Salvador Dali continues to teach us that he was an unrivaled genius in creating modern art, that is both aesthetically pleasing and deeply contemplative.

The majority of artwork you will have the opportunity to view on our website, whether they are original watercolor paintings, India ink drawings, or lithographs are classified as works of art on paper. Because works of art on paper are considered to be very delicate, it is very important to understand the overall condition of a particular work of art you might be acquiring. It is mainly for this reason that we have chosen to sell the majority of our artwork in an un-framed condition; so our clients can make a thorough examination of the respective artwork in question. Throughout the process of acquiring our extensive inventory, we have chosen to pay very close attention to the issues of both condition and authenticity.

To the best of our knowledge, we are now the only gallery selling authentic works of art by Salvador Dali, that provides you with the ability to view the actual letters of authenticity that have been issued by a world-leading authority for each work of art, listed on our website. As you browse through the various works of art in our galleries you will see that for each item presented, there is a link entitled: “CHECK AUTHENTICITY.” If you choose to select this option, you will clearly see the letter of authenticity that corresponds to the work of art you are viewing.

We guarantee that all the artwork sold through our company is authentic. If a client of ours can prove within a one-year period of time, using a recognized world authority, that a work of art sold by us is not authentic, we will return their payment in full. We are very proud to state that over the many years, we have been in business, we have never had a single work of art returned to us due to a problem with authenticity or condition.

We are pleased you have taken the time to read through this basic information about our unique company. It has been and will always be our goal to supply our friends in the Dali community with as much accurate information as possible. As you will notice there are many additional links throughout this website that will assist you in learning more about the life of Salvador Dali and the techniques he employed while creating many of these fantastic works of art.

At this time we would like to invite you to contact us through our Information Request Form or call us directly at 1 (516) 984-3158, without any obligation to buy. In addition, if you would like to e-mail us directly.