The following letter was given to Thomas J. Gherardi, president of Maximillian’s Fine Art, Inc. by Albert Field, founder of the Salvador Dali Archives.

Mr. Field, who attended Columbia College and is a graduate of Harvard University, was given permission in writing by Salvador Dali, to be the cataloger of his artwork. For more than forty years, Mr. Field maintained a working relationship with Dali, who provided critical information about his prolific artistic output. Mr. Field is considered one of the world’s leading authorities on works of art by this master artist and is the author of “The Official Catalog Of The Graphic Works Of Salvador Dali.”

Through the course of their ten-year friendship, Mr. Gherardi made more than one hundred trips to The Salvador Dali Archives to meet with Mr. Field for issues related to authenticity. During these meetings, Mr. Gherardi and Mr. Field would often spend hours reviewing and discussing the very same spectacular works of art, now being offered for sale through our company.

This personalized letter, signed by Albert Field, stands as one of the many examples Maximillian’s Fine Art, Inc. has to offer with respect to selling only authentic works of art, that have been examined by one of the most respected authorities in the world.