Each work of art, sold through the Salvador Dali Print Gallery, is sold with a Certificate of Authenticity that has been issued by a recognized expert in the field of Salvador Dali.

Learning to buy authentic works of art by any major artist can be a daunting task, especially if you are new to collecting fine art. In an effort to help inform our present and future clients The Salvador Dali Print Gallery would like to share some very important legal information we have researched, that should be of great interest to you as a collector of fine artwork.

There are now approximately fourteen states within the United States that have enacted laws that require a Certificate of Authenticity to be provided with each work of art, at the point of sale. Because these states are scattered throughout the country, if anyone sells on a national basis they should also provide a Certificate of Authenticity that adheres to the most stringent of jurisdictions.

If any individual or legal entity attempts to sell artwork through a national advertisement, 800 number, or website, they should also provide a Certificate of Authenticity for you to examine before you make a purchase.

In these fourteen states, which includes our home state of New York, it is now a requirement that a Certificate of Authenticity must be provided to the consumer at the time of sale. It is not sufficient to place the certificate in a box or attach it to a framed work of art when it is shipped to the purchaser.

The Certificate of Authenticity must be made available to the purchaser before the sale is finalized or contemporaneously with the sale, so the consumer has a sufficient amount of time to examine the information provided and make an educated decision on whether they do or do not want to make the respective purchase. Violating these laws can expose an individual or legal entity to penalties from the consumer, who made the purchase and to penalties from a respective state’s attorney office.

As you will notice when you examine the various galleries on our website, we are one of the few sellers of fine artwork, listed on the internet, that strictly adheres to these laws. For each work of art presented, you will see a link entitled: “CHECK AUTHENTICITY.” If you choose to select this option you will clearly see a Certificate of Authenticity that corresponds to the individual work of art you are viewing.

When reading through these Certificates of Authenticity you will come to find out that they are not self-serving documents that we have created. What you will discover, is that these Certificates of Authenticity were all issued by publishers or recognized experts in the field of Salvador Dali.

Although we are not required by law to retain the various experts who have issued these Certificates of Authenticity, we do feel it is our obligation to work with the most credible sources throughout the world, that are currently available.